Nothing Like It

Lana was launched by the Moby Group, as a new young entertainment channel for Iraq, with a mix of Arabic dramas, locally made content as well as established international formats.

The project was a unique collaboration between ourselves in London, the Moby team in Baghdad and renowned calligrapher Wissam Shawkat in Dubai. Our role was to develop the brand identity and deliver a comprehensive design manual to enable the local team to produce all the final assets in-house.

We developed a distinctive and inclusive channel identity that is close to the Iraqi people. Inspired by its rich culture, from a historical and a contemporary perspective.

Like the sun, light sits at the heart of everything and was central to the identity, a symbol of hope and of the future. It ran through all the elements, creating a clear and defined identity. On this key element we worked with Wissam to develop a striking and beautiful design, introducing calligraphic elements into the overall package to bring dynamism and localisation. The navigational system was connected by a horizon line, a device through which the typographic elements appear and disappear.

Client: The Moby Group
Former Creative Director: Gabor Varga