A New direction
Renault TV was Europe’s most advanced automotive TV channel, broadcasting 24/7/365 with a potential audience of 30m households. It evolved from a niche into a broader entertainment channel. To realise Renault’s ambition to be a true entertainment brand our solution needed to embrace their core values of dynamism, playfulness and spontaneity that have made them one of the world’s most innovative brands.
Our solution was to capture the spirit of Renault in an abstract way using only shape, colour and movement. By redesigning the RTV logo and placing it at the heart of the identity it became the catalyst and starting point for all navigational elements. A clean and concise identity, retaining warmth and humanity through fluid, fun and energetic movement and subtle use of audio. We created an identity that could evolve in alignment with Renault’s ever changing programme schedule, entertaining and surprising the viewer at every opportunity.

Client: Publicis Entertainment
Director of Content: Diane Glynn Publicis Entertainment