Who's The Daddy

Play-ground Purgatory

A character driven comedy drama about the ups and downs of mother-hood. Two mums have a rude introduction while in play ground purgatory. Things soon get much more interesting. It turns out these two women have far more in common than either of them could have possibly imagined…

Not only does it highlight challenges faced by working mums, it also puts another, much needed film out there by women. Which is why the film is written, shot, produced, performed and edited almost entirely by women and mothers – but with a few Dads on set…just for some diversity.

We worked closely with Director Mary-Sue Masson to create titles and end credits for her film. The key challenge was to tease the films unusual content using simple typographic animation, without revealing the twist in the story.

Director: Mary-Sue Masson
Producer: Clancy Brennan